Not a Prelude for inspiration

Lady gaga’s The Prelude Pathétique raises little monsters’ respects for mother monster in a very short time. Within several hours, Gaga’s Marry The Night Prelude video could become the next Oscar winner, well, for MTV. 

I have to admit that every time I watch Gaga’s music video, I wonder how genius her think tank is! They understand at what position Gaga is in the present music and fashion fields. Her team always knows what to say, almost every sentence Gaga speaks could be the “spotlight in next fashion season”. 

When Susan Sontag says “Cinema is a public dream”, it catches the essence of film making. Well, today, Gaga says “I loathe reality”. Cinema could be a public dream which people could dream and share together. It works against reality. So does Gaga. Previously I thought she was futuristic artist, but now, I wonder .. if she is surrealism, expressionism, magic-surrealism, or gagaism. There is no stable label for her.

In a very short prelude, she hits the past. The past, a place we all wanted to talk about, to some extent. It’s a way to know ourselves better. But hardly find a person to say this “when I look back at my life, I don’t want to see it the way it happened, but rather remember them in an artistic way”, especially from Gaga, a musician. It makes audiences to feel she’s talking about her own life, which brought closer according to this video too. Few musician did that before. They make either club music video or videos that far away from their lives, at least, when you watch it, you feel it’s far. 

Gaga uses words like “unfinished painting”. When I heard it, it feels like a great master talking about her unfinished project in her stillborn diary in final days. Walter Benjamin, Susan Sontag, those big names got unfinished project, because they are artists for life. They paint, they refuses to admit the reality, passionated tracing back to those good old days. But when all these stuff got together with fashion and Gaga’s tone, it is not boring anymore.

It’s trending like MINT.