An unexpected gift to the office

As usual I came to work. Since the whole September in Israel is almost a whole month holiday, the hallway of the building is quiet. I am waiting for the Sukkot, getting one week rest, and then, pack myself to China. 

In this case, getting knocks on the door is very rare, needless to say it’s a serial of rushing knocking on the door. 

I opened the door with a spirit of seeing a professor standing outside,  but didn’t see anyone. Oh, there are someone. Two kids, around 6 years old standing right in front of me, smiling. One is with dark hair, the other one has beautiful long brown hair. 

“Hello. Do you speak English?” This was their first sentence. Out of blue. Children in this age speak English instead of Hebrew? Impressive. “Yes, of course. ” I answered. 

“Do you like…ergh?” The dark hair one holds several papers in her hands, and a ball pen. What are they doing here? Survey? Not the right age. I guessed, giving them time to figure out the right word they wanted. But they couldn’t. 

Ok, the dark hair girl decided to draw for me. The other one is standing next to her, peeking. 

It’s hard to guess what are they thinking? Have you ever tried to listen to kids’ conversation? There is no way to understand them, their logic, their topic, things they pay attention to. The two girls are giggling. I was standing near the door frame, thinking, “what do you want? candy? money? ” I kept looking at the brown hair girls’ teeth, trying to estimate her age.

They finished, the dark hair girl handed me a paper with flower on it. “So flowers? ” I asked. “Yes, do you like it?” the kid asked. “Yes!”

Ok, the dark hair girl goes back to drawing. Several seconds later, four hearts emerged on the paper. “Do you like this?” “Hearts?” They didn’t get it. She pointed her heart with the hand holding ball pen, saying “Luv” (in Hebrew means Heart). “Yes, I like them. “

Ok, she put the paper in my hand. “Is this for me?” “Yes,” two girls looked at me, “and it is not money.” They went away, left their giggling on the paper in my hand. 

I smiled, and put the paper on my desk, imagining myself joining their world.