Camille Paglia on Susan Sontag

Camille Paglia on Susan Sontag 1993 (by wgbhstocksales)

Camille Paglia wrote the following on the Time magazine September 9 2013 issue,

“Pop is suffering from the same malady as the art world, which is stuck on the tired old rubric that shock automatically confers value. But those once powerful avant-garde gestures have lost their relevance in our diffuse and technology-saturated era, in which there is no longer an ossified high-culture establishment to rebel against. On the contrary, the fine arts are alarmingly distant or marginal to most young people today.”

This paragraph reminds me a video I watched on Youtube. Camille Paglia was talking about Susan Sontag in a very upset manner, referring Susan Sontag as a bygone era, because Sontag belongs to the old European world with little knowledge of contemporary world. But as I read Susan Sontag many times, Susan Sontag could bridge High-culture and low-culture (pop culture) easily. While Paglia states on the gone-already high-culture world, she keeps lowing her position in the battle with Sontag. Sontag doesn’t need to state what is now, what is out-dated, she is talking about everything basically. But Paglia is the opposite. And the interview says everything.