Book Fair in Shanghai



The Wonderful World of Books
by Maura Elizabeth Cunningham

The last time I saw a line this long, I thought to myself, I was in Anaheim at the Magic Kingdom. But, no, Shanghai’s long planned Disney theme park still hasn’t opened, so I wasn’t waiting my turn to ride its version of Splash Mountain, as welcome as a log ride might have been on that steamy Saturday afternoon in August. Instead, hundreds of other line-dwellers and I were getting gently misted by hoses strung overhead as we awaited our chance to enter the Shanghai Exhibition Center and visit the city’s Book Fair, a weeklong event celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.

Cutting out of the description of the book fair, what left is people’s enthusiastisms for the expo. However, what is the most valuable thing for a book? Content. Does anyone pay attention to the content of the book fair’s books?

People are enjoying telling their neighbours their pleasant trip to Shanghai Book Fair, if that is enough to demonstrate people’s reading-ability, China will win the “Global Reading Contest” for sure.

Nowadays, quality is winning over quantity. People are still passionate about books, but how many of them are satisfied? How many of them are looking for serious literature? All remain questions.