Why Aren’t Chinese People Reading Books Anymore?

It is hard to say the global trend is go digital or people just simply stop paying attention to books.

The title is depressing, but it might tells the trend in China now, which is drifting far away from reading books. Here, I have to say, especially serious literature. People criticize Susan Sontag for being too serious, ingnoring how much Sontag contributes to the world literature, particularly on how much attention Susan Sontag draws on European literature. For mass majority, she is way too serious. Does she know about pop culture or TV? Even Camille Paglia is questioning Susan Sontag in a loathing tune, however, how many people know about Susan Sontag’s writing on high-culture and low-culture? She is the guru.

Ok, back to the topic. If reading is too serious, probably making money is not. Making money is just light, amusing, and relaxing… NOT! With a long history of reading, this tremendous nation seems just stops. Isn’t it heavy to think about?

Speaking of Yu Hua and other writers, Mu Rong Xue Cun for instance, are they serious enough? Do they dig into your soul to ask for the echo that the whole nation was waiting for so long? When consuming is so developed in China, books became not important. Does anyone see the logic here?

But they are some intellectuals who read and write. The problem is, do we hear them, can we read them, is there anyway we can communicate with them? They sink in this big consuming publishing industry with a label called “too serious”.

Or maybe “non-profitable”?

Why Aren’t Chinese People Reading Books Anymore?