Freud and his Psychoanalysis


On this day in 1899Die Traumdeutung (The Interpretation of Dreams) was first published. Sales were initially dismal but the rest, of course, is psychoanalytical history. In honor of its birthday, we bring you the only known audio recording of Sigmund Freud, made by the BBC near the end of his life in Hampstead, London.

Archive. No matter how much we are sick of three armies of Freud scholars and papers, he made one of the most important step in understanding human brains in the 20th century.

To start something new is always hard. People are used to what they have, but if the human nature is to stay with what we have, we will never go this far, and Freud is one of the pioneers in the evolution of understanding human lives. I admired him. Yes, “the struggle is not yet over”, and in any field of life, the struggle is not yet over.

p.s. The day when Freud spoke was my birthday. 🙂