Katy Perry on New Yorker

Sasha Frere-Jones: Katy Perry’s Variety Act : The New Yorker

I’m excited to see Katy Perry on New Yorker. It is basically a good review on her albums, esp. PRISM. She is changing slightly her style to a “life subscription” for her die-hard fans, including me. We question, can she last? I hold my opinion. But she is not that weak and girlish.

If one pays attention, “Who Am I Living for” is a song for battles, battle of life or battle field, as you wish to think about it, in the first album Teenage Dream. Look, she is not that easy to get in a sense. In PRISM, another song named “Choose Your Battle”. It is of the same style, and she has the voice of calling anyone up to a battle and fight for a collective goal, and we all saw she “joined” the marine in “Part of Me”.

It will be a pity to only keep her passion and talent for teenagers and churches, she knows how to get to somewhere beyond the horizon.

p.s. wonder illustration in New Yorker for Katy Perry, precise portray.