The Strength


I mentor about 3,500 different students at this specific high school. They are remarkable kids who spend their youth doing homework and taking exams. I enjoy bringing a bit creativity, confidence and craziness to their lives and all for my Grandma. She is my true inspiration. Some of these kids don’t have a person to look up to, so I hope I may continue to impact them in ways my Grandma impacted me. Like her, these students make me so happy and they don’t even realize it.

I’ve seen a wonderful video about something I’m very familiar with, and will never get it out of my mind. They look happy, and I believe whoever is behind the camera will be the happiest person to see all her students like this. They are lovely kids bearing incredible burdens from their family and country, they have heavy duties and expectations on their shoulders to fulfill, and still, they are happy.

That’s the strength.