Ian Johnson: China Discovers Alternative Education : The New Yorker

I like to read articles on China issues in New York, but I do find certain patterns in each article.

First, you have to introduce this place due to the lack of knowledge regarding to Chinese geography.

Second, mention culture revolution and 1989. Sometimes I don’t see it as a necessary to mention it, especially when you subscribe each issue, and every issue if there is an article talking about China, they will mention them. Without mentioning these “famous” events, there still will be a possibility for New Yorker to cry for freedom.

Last but not least, the author has to rise the “Yellow Peril” issue. Like in the end of this article, the author questioned that Chinese people are willing to take risks and pay lots of money to get suitable education for their kids, but as Europeans, they can only running after these rich parents to fit their demands. How sad, should we be alert?

I enjoyed reading New Yorker, but at least, articles on China should have some diversity.