About Modern Chinese

I’m seriously thinking about the simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese, ties and bonds and so on. I remember had a debate on whether we should keep Simplified Chinese or go back to traditional, but after a close reading of Classic Chinese Dictionary, it is not necessary. How many meanings are lost in Simplified Chinese, it is hard to measure. Now I have to think, when a decision maker facing the problem of illiteracy and putting decades of efforts to be intelligent, it is a tough call. But again, people are complaining about Chinese having no logic, while, one can try to start with traditional Chinese, see if there is an amazing logic there. So I assume Chinese people sometimes are forced to make quick decisions as Jewish people, but the Chinese result of fast decisions are not that good, namely the only child policy etc. Now technology is bringing me back to the elementary school with short memories, the only way to maintain it is to read more classics, and spread it out. Soon you will get to know the logic behind it. little by little.