The Lady Lifers

I thought I have a high-tolerancy of accent, but their accents feel like hearing from prisoners in any American movies, except they are the real ones, behind the bars, and they are “ladies”.

Thirsty for the subtitles, I could catch 95% of the lyrics and what they are saying, but names? That’s a trouble. I anticipated this “show” will be a bit controversial, but maybe I was wrong. It is a moving song, and just a moving song.

I wonder, how can it be a moving song if the singers are murderers. Do we feel deeply moved when monsters turn back to humans? Should it be a half relief? After years and decades’ serving in the prison, do they become servants? They know they have to pay, as we all know, but they are asking for forgiveness. I’m not quite sure such thing exists, such kindness.

In movie Schindler’s List, Nazi officer “pardons” the jew from the standing point of the god, well, it’s not forgiveness. Forgiveness is what we share tears in the movie when someone got up from his/her knees in front of the person who suffered from their emotional impulsive deeds. Again, I don’t know if forgiveness is something one could just ask for.

People will argue it is a vicious circle, yes, it is. With alcoholic violent parents, kids are not going to turn out alright. Every individual on the stage should be viewed separately, and I tried to run a background check of each one, some succeed, some didn’t. One thing is sure, they have their stories. When we all argue lives are created equal, we know if someone takes other people’s lives, they should pay the same. Tit for tat? Is it cruel?

My standing point is the family who lost their loved ones, and the only place to keep criminals out of hurting more people is probably where they are now. If they are innocent, TED will get this song to more people who wanted to offer help.