Fetching the Lost Inspiration (2)

We were looking at the statute — coal mine worker with hammers in their hands, the less than a year ago statute standing each side of the bridge, guarding Sieg. They represent the old coal mine workers in Siegerland area.

All of a sudden, a voice penetrates from behind. We didn’t feel anyone’s approaching. Creepy. The clouds in the sky are gathering, then, a figure emerged. Naturally joined into our discussion about whether “Henner” is an Retro job title or simply a name for the worker statute in green, the intruder shows his face. He wears jeans that obviously too big, an old-fashion Jacke, gold-rim glasses, and a backpack pendant at his lower waist. He puts his hands both in the Jacke’s pockets, within the pockets, he tries to hold up his Jeans using his invisible hands.

“All the people

went into the underground

Looking for the Black Gold

Black gold? What was he talking about? Coal. He has a tone from a retro Hollywood movie. An insane poet despising the mankind with his knowledge. Giving a speech on a bridge to total strangers, typical movie scene, eh? Or am I wrong?

Are we falling into the same trap under the Hollywood motion picture brainwashing? We could only imagine scenes that we saw from movies, sadly, the reality walks away from us. We are not able to connect these encounters to any modernity influences. Look, how well connected we are! Everyone with Smartphones, social media and all the attention we imagined people give us. What difference do we have? None. How proud are we to be the norms! We departed long time ago from the Black Gold age, and these two words are now close to useless, maybe only make sense to literary geeks! In this era, we are searching for alternative energy and oil! Geeks who are praising for the bygone era? Losers! Weirdos!

But what if we slow down and listen? What’s their story? I bet it’s hard to condense it into a phrase with hashtags!

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