To my Tracy

New Year’s first accomplishment in book is by Zadie Smith. Not the first Zadie Smith, certainly not the last one. For this super length book, I ventured again with Audio books (ca. 17 hours unabridged). With a British accent, this audio book is highly recommended, since it creates an atmosphere that residents in London, bearing an upbringing in London, and as cosmopolitan as London.

The story is about the narrator, her girlhood, girl-woman friendship with peers, mother-daughter relationship, half-cast people’s identity, currently society and so on. It covers quite some areas, and the beautiful part of this book is, there are so many details among these topics are neglected by us, drawn in the chaotic busy daily lives. Zadie Smith noticed and writes about it.

Protagonists with normal jobs, common problems, she certainly catches the most intriguing sentence to define our emotions. There are many times while I was reading the book, I thought Zadie’s narration and feeling could be so true and common in so many cultures. Not a slap to those who are scared of globalisation, but Zadie portrays them in the most mundane tone. Yes, we are surrounded by various believes and environments and changes, girls, or say, women, deal with it, dance with it, as the time goes by.

The novel has a beautiful but yet a bit cliche ending. I would recommend it, especially to those girls who I lost the relationship with on the way to the adulthood: you are my Tracy.