Shout — No more deafing silence

I learned then that words

had such power

some must never be spoken

and was thus robbed of both

tongue and the truth.

Laurie Halse Anderson

The power of words does not come from piled up poshy talks, it lurks behind the repressed yet deafing silence, long enough to reach the eruption, like the perfect dawn before storm coming.

The poetry is Laurie Halse Anderson’s life journey, but so does every woman. The pain, the fast pace of IT happened, the losing, the choices made, the passiveness, the widespread phenomenon IT is.

Silence passes on, as Laurie writes–

three women with nothing in common 

save blood, disappointment, and the inherited, 

trauma-fed ability

to stay silent in every situation.

Laurie Halse Anderson

Somehow our brain trains us to bypass silence, with other confusing voices, at some point, emotions aren’t that important, and those too reluctant rationalisation become too familiar and comfortable, repression seems remote, almost untouchable. Is it true?

The truly courageous looks back, reflect, and goes through ordeals to understand, and more important, to change. To open eyes and see the glass house built upon lies is one of the hardest things, but truth is what the courageous never done searching.

the false innocence you render for them by censoring truth protects only you — Shout Laurie Halse Anderson

Shout by Laurie Halse Anderson

Those poems are the confluence of lives, sometimes with no mutual understanding, bringing the conflict up to the surface, hoping for the calmest flow. We are all looking for a poetic dwelling to catch up the fast pace society imposed on us, deprived our own breathe. Silenced events became feathers, fluttering from the sky, down to the earth, along with the memory. Those unbearable lightness of being!

Not only the most traumatic, the most tragic, the most burning emotions got written, dull conversations as well as little things that accumulated each time they hit us were recorded. All led to change. Otherwise,

untreated pain is a cancer of the soul that can kill you. –Shout Laurie Halse Anderson

Changes later became colourful ribbons tied to the rusty iron fence outside of the church, as the author writes. They are the “Shouts” from those victims, those being muted kids. They became “shouts” of the parents, of a collective memory that we should do something to prevent. It is not only “I relate” or “I identify”, it is more than that, it is about to have a voice, to “shout”! There are so many voiceless youth, growing older, shutting their kids up, Shout tries to break this circle.

One doesn’t need to read any of her other books to understand, this is the book to keep. It is influential because of its amazing command of language; of its beautifully written life events that will once and forever matter!

To know that there are people not scared to tell things that are worth saying is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Thanks Laurie.