Where epics fail, APHORISM lives on

If your wound is through no fault of your own, try and honor it by living bravely. –Where epics fail by Yahia Lababidi

Where Epics Fail: Meditations to live by by Yahia Lababidi

we are ruled by quotations. — susan sontag

In Susan Sontag’s experimental novel Death Kit, her protagonist entered the crypt where its walls are covered by ancient aphorisms in various languages. The novel itself might land a bit metaphysical, however, the dream like experience of the protagonist does create an atmosphere of exploring and discovering.

All languages are rough translations of our native tongue: spirit. — where epics fail by yahia lababidi

Lots of novels, poetry or essay began with a quote, followed with the author’s steps to re-establish, re-cultivate, re-visit an old idea. “Growing up absurd”, at least one of those ridiculous old sayings must have stuck in our mind until we become the ones to tell them to our children.

If we gaze deeply into our own wound, we also see the wounds of others.

Chinese are too familiar with living and ruling by quotations. From the early reciting of Confucius and other wise old men to the modern classics, fate seems once escaped the repeating what predecessors have had said or done. Aphorism should provide us the ability to gaze back to the past, yet to learn as well.

We scramble the first half of our lives to assemble a self. And in the second half, if we are wise, to dismantle it. — Where epics fail by yahia lababidi

This book by Yahia Lababidi is a collection of aphorisms throughout decades. The style of aphorisms is elegant, thoughtful and well categorised. Some of them dealt with the modern life — social media, phones, etc. Some of them are about the most basic and common traits that we human beings still retain. Sometimes people forget that.

Smartphones: modern worry beads. — where epics fail by yahia lababidi

It’s a lot of aphorisms there. Sometimes make me feel the book carries history, heavily. Sometimes I think, isn’t that what a book should be ? It is worth reading.