Future library | reading margaret atwood “dearly”

Sealed in Future Library Project, Margaret Atwood’s Scribbler Moon will be read only in 2114, but her newly published poetry collection Dearly just became available for her readers on 10th November 2020. Her previous poetry collection was published a decade ago and the fierce global pandemic we were facing both make this much anticipated new poetry collection more “dearly” to us.

With a soothing choice of colour, the hard covered book has a neat and timeless design.

As the world’s pacing towards Christmas and New Year, many of us are left thinking how did the time of 2020 fly by without a trace, but scars retained in our mind, a constant fear… A longed rocking-chair time for myself with a calming and restful poetry collection has arrived, yet it is full of wisdom, not tiring but inspiring.

Perhaps, changing is the only constant. While I could listen to ducks’s quacking and birds chirping in golden autumn’s morning, I should appreciate the gift that’s been given. Look! Listen! They are in front of your eyes! Discover them, “better late than never”, right?

These are the late poems.
Most poems are late 
of course: too late,
like a letter sent by a sailor
that arrives after he's drowned.

--Margaret Atwood Dearly

I’d love this poem so much, as it utters my heartfelt wishes —

It's late, it's very late; 
too late for dancing. 
Still, sing what you can. 
Turn up the light: sing on,
sing: On.

-- Margaret Atwood Dearly  

Is it the November that makes us wonder, what have we done in the past months, what and where should be begin next month, for a brand new self, well, start now, start now!

Haven’t finished all the poems in Dearly certainly, but I wish I could also look into those eyes of the world, and say “DEARLY”.


【More in Chinese about Margaret Atwood’s Dearly, please read here. 】