Revisit Lu Xun’s《二十四孝图》

《二十四孝图》(24 filial exemplars) has been included in Lu Xun’s 《朝花夕拾》。The article started with Lu Xun’s concern about Chinese children books industry. Drawing from his own experience, Lu Xun thinks the Children’s book market in China was bleak, recalling the only graphic book he had as a child was 24 exemplars of filial duty.

Witty and honest, Lu Xun casted his doubt on the book, preaching children filial duty. In my opinion, this is one of the most neglected writings from Lu Xun, given the fact that filial duty is still ingrained in the Chinese culture and daily practice. Lu Xun mentioned his confusion as kids while reading certain stories, such as Lao Laizi pretends to be an infant in his old age in order to entertain his older parents, Guo Ju decided to bury his son alive for the sake of reducing food consumption to spare his mother’s life. When this is the culture that has been considered valuable, the culture will never value honesty and truth.


For the new year, I started to make miniatures, and the current project is a study room called 朝花夕拾, therefore, I revisited Lu Xun’s book.