Meet The Team

A native of North. Veteran of Translation/Interpretation. Most important:

Feels are my own.

To live is to pose. — Susan Sontag

Mary Ventura

Managing & Editing

Started publishing poems, stories and literary translation since 2010 in Macau. Poems are published in Just a Coin’s Worth of Blue, translations include Li Qing Zhao: Spring Hides in the Little Room, 《一位意大利朋友:在罗马的美食、祈祷和爱恋》. Trained as a Chinese teacher, being a veteran of Simultaneous Interpretation and Translation. Lived in Chongqing, Macau, Israel, and Germany.

Past. Present. Future.

Words in Chinese【繁體】 at

Crabwise Duet

Helper & Photographer

In charge of choosing books, posing with books, but no censorship involved.