Author: Mary Ventura

Native of North, Interpreter, Translator, Avid Reader, Sontag maniac, Crowdfunding Publishing enthusiastic (done research), I write
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FAST READING FOR COMMUTER | Joyce’s obsessive love

The beautiful language, the words, this little fragmented short story from James Joyce paints a wintry portrait of a man in love, weathered by his own thoughts, while her, actively living her life through the eyes of “Jamesy”, so painfully, so unrestrained.

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Li-Young Lee undresses the soul-searching Being within each of us

Speaking about narration of one’s life, there will always be versions, rumours, tales, traces; some will be on wikipedia, some will be sealed in national security data, but only the each of us will encounter the soul-searching question when nothing from outside could fulfil — what does this life mean? Hours, days, months or decades go by, the battered self stoop to reach the ground we once wanted to leave so badly.

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first sentence coloured

This long excerpt caught my eye in a public book closet near my neighbourhood, and I could not let go of this thin booklet. Having heard of Henry Miller long enough to actually “encounter” him in this way, it makes me wonder, what it at all planned? Does anyone ever try to pick a colour when being hit by the feeling of nostalgia? Don’t go, please, walk with me into this colour —