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Follow the poem’s dictation

Last time I cut out a page from a book was from Bukowski, don’t worry, I framed it. This is the second time, when the cut-out page formed into a box. I simply did what the poet asked. There is something about “dictate” —

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The stored rage

Alice Miller’s always challenging the authority. In terms of psychoanalysis, she challenges Freud’s analysis where he attributes patients’ painful memories to their fantasy, sex drive, rather than something that might really happened. Without an Enlightened Witness (Alice Miller’s words), the patient might get confused even more, dare not to confirm the real pain that his or her body tried to tell. Alice Miller wrote about Virginia Woolf

书评|评书 《消失在午夜》

这本书(Gone at Midnight: The Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam)是在十分安静的几天里读的。那几天卧床,能静静地追忆2013年时脑海里对Elisa Lam这个案子的印象。即使病榻上与世界的关联几近寂寥,但外界并未有任一放缓脚步的迹象。这反而让我有了稍稍转身顾盼的机会。管他的,让我自己先放慢脚步。在一个被作者称为“二十一世纪最神秘的悬案”分析里,我随之对“心理健康”、“执法机关犯法、腐败、掩盖事情”、“公平、正义”、“阴谋论”等等进一步有了了解,并引发了思考。