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Poems for Commuting | Lana Del Rey’s “Nowness”

Lana Del Rey published her first poetry collection, Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass 2020 in September, however, she is a poem in many’s mind for quite a long time. Wonderfully composed, poems are of Lana Del Rey’s retro style, painfully deep. She’s not the joy slicer. In this debut poetry collection, she raised questions as well as gave answers, quite positive, optimistic, enabling and empowering. No cliche. Poems also offer a kind of silent feeling, subtly giving a breeze to the fatigue that we carry each day.

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Future library | reading margaret atwood “dearly”

Sealed in Future Library Project, Margaret Atwood’s Scribbler Moon will be read only in 2114, but her newly published poetry collection Dearly just became available for her readers on 10th November 2020. Her previous poetry collection was published a decade ago and the fierce global pandemic we were facing both make this much anticipated new poetry collection more “dearly” to us.