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Nabokov, the poet

“Like Joyce, Nabokov was first a poet.” Thomas Karshan wrote this as the first sentence in his amazing introduction for the book Vladimir Nabokov: Collected Poems. If one wants to understand Nabokov more, this collection could be of a great help rather than reading his renowned and celebrated novels. Not to eliminate the significance of his novels, such as Lolita, but this collection of Nabokov’s poems brought a series of moments together more than a chronicle, shining with various poetic images on those crucial time spans in Nabokov’s life.

爱情诗 Love Poems

夜雨寄北 [唐] 李商隐 君问归期未有期,巴山夜雨涨秋池。 何当共剪西窗烛,却话巴山夜雨时。 Address to the North in a Raining Night Asking the gentleman’s returning date albeit there is no date, Ba Mountain’s night rainfall fulfilled the autumn pond. When should we cut […]