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The latest translation project 《一位意大利朋友:在罗马的美食、祈祷和爱恋》 from Luca Spaghetti’s Un Amico Italiano: Eat, Pray, Love in Rome has been completed on August 2014. It has been published by Douban.com as an eBook.

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In December 2010, Association of Stories in Macau (ASM) published co-translated book Li QingZhao: Spring Hides in the Little Room in Traditional Chinese.

January 2012 on Yad Vashem Jerusalem Quarterly Magazine

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In June 2010, Association of Stories in Macau (ASM) has published a collection of poems entitled Just a Coin’s Worth of Blue: Fifteen  New Macao Voices. My five poems have been included in this collection. 【Book Launch Ceremony

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In 2010, Association of Stories in Macau (ASM) published An Anthology of the Yuan Dynasty Poetry in Traditional Chinese with my contribution.

Food Guide on World Gaming Magazine (now Inside Asian Gaming), July/August 2012

On Auschwitz and After by Charlotte Delbo published on UMMagazine Spring/Summer 2010